NEW BOOK: Ghost Stories-Ten spooky tales of terror 

New Ghost Stories book

By Donald Yates

Get our newest book for just 99 cents! Ghost Stories: Ten Spooky Tales of Terror will send chills down your spine – Ten Perfect Short Horror Stories to Help You Unwind and Get Your Horror Fill!

It gives off the perfect rush of adrenaline or sends a creeping chill down your spine! — Whether you’re looking for a gradual scare that creeps around the back of your mind for days or a sudden rush of adrenaline as a scream rips through you, this book has got you covered!

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More on Ghost Stories: Ten Spooky Tales of Terror

  • Screams from the Grave – Where dying would be a mercy.
  • Ghost in the Hallway – There’s someone else roaming these halls, and they don’t seem very normal.
  • Hauntings in the Old City Cemetery – About a strange woman who just won’t stop staring at you.
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  • Devil’s Den – Five teenagers are stuck deep in a cave and their flashlights dying is the least of their problems.
  • Grandma says Goodbye – Where a young man gets one last goodbye from his grandmother.
  • Texas Hotel Haunting – A reminder of why you should never roam abandoned hotels. Some hotels are closed for a reason.
  • Ghost Girl in a Farmhouse – While on a visit to a friend’s house, a teenager discovers that the ghost of a young girl still roams the home.
  • Witches in our Neighborhood – The neighbor’s wife is practicing witchcraft and has summoned an unfriendly spirit.
  • Ghost in the Nursing Home – The ghost of a Confederate soldier haunts a Nursing home.
  • The Haunted Mill – A man desperate for work finds a job that comes with a terrifying experience.
  • One Bonus Story! – The setting for this story is a state mental hospital.

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